Mr. Peter J. Royer achieved his status of Professional Engineer in 1983.  He proudly maintains his stamp currently.  Peter is not only the President of Connecticut Boiler Repair & Manufacturing Co., Incorporated, but also our lead Project Manager.  When a client reaches out to a Professional Engineer they are looking for someone they can trust to make the right design choice and a person who has the following qualities: great communication skills, meticulous with their work, organized, and has vast knowledge in the industry.

As an owner and project manager Peter, communicates effectively with his staff, clients, and subcontractors, to keep labor forces and projects on target at any given moment.  He values his colleagues and suppliers for their expertise in their areas of work and reaches out to them as needed.  This allows him to problem solve situations quickly.

Anyone who knows Peter, understands he is meticulous in all aspects of his career.  Peter has foresight and views projects from start to finish. This helps him work through ramifications in building systems when he is called in to solve a problem at a client’s site.  In tune with his meticulous nature, Peter is well organized.  As an owner of a construction company, there are many moving parts in an organization.  Many of which are time sensitive and require focused attention.  An individual with a successful construction company, such as Connecticut Boiler Repair & Manufacturing Co., Incorporated must be organized.

Peter has been in this industry since the early years of his life.  He has evolved the company from strictly boiler repair, to Mechanical and General Contracting Services.  He has a thirst for learning new advancements in the industry.  Many of Peter’s associates (clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and even competitors) reach out to him for insight into problems on projects that CBR is not affiliated with, and he is always willing to help.

To say that Peter’s involvement with Connecticut Boiler Repair & Manufacturing Co., Incorporated is instrumental to our success is an understatement.  Peter’s communications skills, meticulous and organized behavior, along with his vast knowledge of construction makes him an exceptional choice for a Professional Engineer.

Utilizing CBR, and Peter as a Professional Engineer, makes us your clear choice in your next design build project.