New Installations

Heating, Air Conditioning Systems, Power Processing Plants, Building Services Piping and more

CBR installs all types and sizes of heating and air conditioning systems, as well as power processing plants for both industrial and commercial applications. To meet our customers’ needs, we select durable, clean-burning equipment from the lines of leading manufacturers. All equipment we install is designed for maximum efficiency. We can also furnish and install any type of piping associated with boilers, including steam and condensate systems, hot water heating and fuel piping (oil or gas).

Before every installation, CBR can perform the necessary testing and engineering evaluations, including heat loss analysis or process steam calculations, to ensure that the installation will efficiently meet the customer’s heating and steam requirements. When installing a new boiler to replace an existing one, we check to be sure that the current system is properly sized to meet load requirements.

Contact CBR today to learn how their experienced staff can assist you with the planning and installation of your new HVAC or Power Processing System.

Note: CBR services industrial and commercial customers only. We do not service residential customers.