Energy Efficient Enhancements

Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers offer improved energy efficiency over standard boilers. Typical operating efficiency of standard boilers ranges from 65% to a maximum of 85%, while condensing boilers run at 90+% efficiency. The upgrade to a condensing boiler provides an ROI that is much shorter than expected.

Boiler Economizer

Boiler economizers function as heat exhangers for industrial boilers – they capture and reuse the heat of escaping flue gas, channeling it back into the water entering the boiler. The recycled heat reduces the burden on the boiler, allowing it to run more efficiently, ultimately reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Standby Heating Coils

With the prevalence of co-generation facilities, boilers often operate on standby in case a co-generation facility goes down. Heating coils require minimal energy to run and can even be configured to use the steam available in the plant to heat the boiler. This system would ensure that standby boilers consistently remain at or near operating temperature, eliminating the need for cycling and reducing startup time when boiler use is needed. A 1-year ROI is typical for this type of energy-efficient upgrade.