Building Services Piping

CBR’s experienced building services piping team can design, fabricate and install or modify and repair existing piping for boiler plants, cogeneration plants, process piping systems and more. From heating hot water to chilled water, steam and condensate systems, our engineers and craftsmen understand the wide variety of ways to heat or cool a building and the various types of piping those systems require to run safely, effectively and efficiently. Rest assured, all CBR fabrication and installation will be completed to the highest standards of workmanship with the goal of maximum efficiency.

From initial design through final documentation and hydrotesting, CBR can handle building services piping projects both large and small. Our piping team includes riggers, pipefitters, pipewelders, insulators, millwrights, and valve and instrumentation technicians. Any combination of threaded pipe, flange pipe, butt welded and socket welded joints may be used by CBR, depending on the requirements of the project. Custom welding procedures can be developed for unique piping applications. Our building services piping support services include fabrication and installation of all types of pipe hangers and supports; creation of isometric drawings to ensure proper fit; and start up assistance including piping modification, valves, instrumentation and monitoring.

Our fabricators, welders and installers adhere to our own documented safety procedures. If a customer’s safety program requires even more stringent protocol, CBR will work within those particular guidelines. All CBR fabricators are state licensed and all our welders are ASME certified.

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