Connecticut Boiler Repair: A Qualified Energy Assessor (QEA)

CBR is Your Southern New England Energy Conservation Authority

Connecticut Boiler Repair (CBR) is a Qualified Energy Assessor (QEA) for Connecticut and surrounding states. This means the CBR team has the expertise needed to complete the energy assessments required by the US Environmental Protection Agency for certain boiler systems. We can also evaluate energy savings opportunities for steam generation and major energy using systems, including:

  • Boiler combustion management
  • Boiler thermal energy recovery
  • Boiler blowdown thermal energy recovery
  • Primary energy resource selection
  • Insulation issues
  • Steam trap and steam leak management
  • Condensate recovery
  • Steam end-use management

CBR has years of experience performing energy system assessments, analyzing the results and preparing documentation for:

  • Operating and maintenance practices for steam or process heating systems.
  • Steam demand reduction.
  • Process heating system opportunities such as effective utilization of waste heat and use of proper process heating methods.
  • Industry specific steam end-use systems.

To learn more about QEA compliance, please click there to visit the EPA website.