General Contracting

A general contractor is responsible for competitively bidding and upon award, delivering a project on time and on budget. Some traits of a great General Contractor are its, experience, flexibility, integrity and reputation.  Connecticut Boiler Repair & Manufacturing Co., Incorporated has been in business since 1950, over the decades we have evolved and learned from our successes. We have developed relationships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers. CBR knows the right team and has the right experience to successfully complete any project.

In construction projects, many variables can and do occur which may impede the productivity and success which includes scheduling, logistics, labor forces, or unforeseen conditions.  A company’s ability to react quickly to any situation which arises is crucial to keeping projects on track.  With CBR’s hands on approach and technology, we have the flexibility to handle any issue quickly, safely, and taking in consideration the cost for our clients.

We understand that long term relationships with engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers are the key to long term success in our industry.  Not only will these relationships help keep costs low during the bid phase and allow us to maintain competitive pricing, they also help us keep projects on track, and within budget.

CBR’s Integrity and reputation coincide with one another to achieve long term successful relationships.  Architects and Engineers, appreciate working with CBR because of our ability to fully understand the design intent of a project, our ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, and for our ability to assist in improving design to minimize short term and long term costs on building system maintenance.  Very often we come forward with cost savings for our design teams, and clients, as we understand the open dialogue improves our relationships with them.  CBR has a reputation of being a fair General Contractor for all of our vendors (subcontractors and suppliers).  CBR believes strongly in fair bidding practices, explaining projects completely allowing vendors the opportunity to capture all costs properly up front.  We communicate and coordinate effectively with vendors during the construction phase, to keep project on schedule while minimizing expenditures.

For your next project, if you are looking for a General Contractor with the experience, flexibility, integrity and the reputation to complete your project on time and on budget, CBR is clearly the right choice for you!